Experienced Matters

My life is the beautiful as much as it can be. When you are surrounded by a bunch of people who love you for who you are and care for you including all your friends, your colleagues and above all your family you will only be in a state of thanking God. My passion for photography and love for camera has always promoted me to keep working harder then before and this has made my life much more happening and joyfull.

The current wedding market has risen the challenge for photographers and not only wedding but in almost all the stremes of photography the demand for something different has grown and therefore every click needs something sundry and this can be done if you are dedicated towards your work , and this dedication has encouraged me to start Special Moments Studio.

The number of weddings does not matter at all what counts the most is the quality that i give, i can never compromise with the quality in any matter and this is why all those people who are professionals in there work and give importance to quality are the part of Special Moments Studio . I am very thankful to all who are behind my sucess. Thank You.

Ajay Ojha (Founder & C.E.O.)

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